Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So I went to the Sao Paulo temple again this morning! It was so amazing! The traffic is horrific here. It´s so hard to explain how the Brazilians drive here. haha It takes us forever just to get there. I´m learning so much! The total immersion in the language is so neat. The other night was the best night ever. I had just finished my prayer and laid down in bed and some Brazilians decided to have a party on the street next to the CTM. And it started to bother me so I just said a quick little prayer that the music would stop and that they would find something better to do with their lives. When I was done I began to think if I had enough faith and hope for my little prayer to work, we had been focused on faith and hope the last day or two, but as soon as I began to think about my faith and hope the music just stopped and they packed up and left! It was the most amazing experience ever! Last P-Day though we had to send an Elder in our district to the hospital because they thought he had apendisidus (sp?) and he hasn´t come back yet. he was suppose to be home like a few days ago, but they keep holding him at the hospital. We had the biggest storm we´ve had here last night. There was thunder and lighting for a good 4 hours straight and it poured like you´ve never seen the whole time. So much rain that it flooded our "field house" where all our volleyball and basketball courts are. Oh! and the other day I was eating lunch and all the new americans walked in and I saw this sister missionary (we don´t have many), but she was in my international political science class at BYU-I it was the weirdest thing ever!! Not everything here is cheaper than back home. Some things are, but other things are expensive so I have to watch how much I spend when we go out. Thats whats so cool about the CTM, at Provo you are confined to the MTC but here we get to walk the streets of Sao Paulo!!! Its so fun to not understand anything and to just go to all the stores and shop around! Apperently Fortaleza is really really hot. All the natives here say we´ll be black. So I should come home and be really really dark! I bought a Portuguese hymn book that I´ll bring home becuase the tunes are even different so they can fit all the words into it. At this point we think we all, or my district, leaves on the 18th of May to our actual missions. Time just goes by so so fast. The days seem slow but the weeks are fast. Oh but I have yet to recieve a letter, but we check twice a day and our district has only recieved a few that were mailed the day before or the day of everyone leaving the US. Well my time is almost up so I hope I answered all your questions!!! And I have so much more in my journals that I just don´t have time to write it!!! I love you all so much!!! I´m so excited to get all these letters!!! I miss you all!!! Keep praying!!! Talk to you next week!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey there!!! So today is my first P-Day so I get to send my first email! We went to the Sao Paulo temple this morning and the traffic in Sao Paulo is horrible so it takes forever to get there and back so I have a lot to do in very little time. So where to start. The plane ride was long, and I met up with 10 other Elders in Dallas making for a total of 12 with Elder Luke that I flew to Dallas with. We got here and met the rest of our district and got our companion assignments. My companion is Elder Eyre... from Cedar City, Utah. Imagin that. haha. There are six of us in our room. Me, Elder Eyre, Elder Johnson, and Elder Waldron. We also have two Brazilians but I don´t even want to attempt their names. I had a slight cold the past few days along with a few other guys in my district but I think it´s going around the CTM. I think due the the change in climate because I was ok until like a day or two ago. We´ve obviously started learning Portugese. It´s going slow but I´m slowly getting it. I have so much to do today that I may not get around to writing to everyone today. But I have a full P-Day next Tuesday so I´ll get everyone then. It takes we think about a month to get a letter there and back. So there could be a lot of delay. I also need Grandma and Grandpas address. Today has been the worst weather wise. It´s the hottest day so far and you feel like you are always sweating. I´m slowing getting use to the food. I only have 14 minutes left so I can´t include much more so I´ll type as fast as I can then tell you anything I miss next week. I played volleyball with some Brazilians the first night I got here and then someone broke the ball. So we played basketball with them and they are the funnest people every. They are always happy and funny. Right now we are working on prayers and testimonies in Portuguese. We are working on the first lesson and the first vision. The days seem slow until you sit down to write in your journal and then you realize how fast the time actually went. Everything so far seems like and feels like it´s directed at me. It´s the most neat and amazing feeling ever. Well my time is short. So I´ll try and get everything in next week that I missed. Love you all!!! Ask all the questions you have and make any requests for anything you want to hear. Love you!!!   Elder Wahl

Friday, March 19, 2010

After a long plane ride, I finally arrived at the Brazil MTC. This is the new group of Elders.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well he is on his way,headed first to the Dallas airport then to Brazil. We should have our first update in a few days? Stay tuned