Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well, sorry about last week. Due to some choices my companion made, which in turn includes me we did not get home until 66. And we are not supposed to use the Internet after six. So as I struggled to decide what to do, break the rule and email my family, or keep the rule and not email, I decided to not use email. My companion did however. So sorry that is what happened. But just so you can know, everyone in my house this past week was really sick, except me!!! I was not sick, and don’t think I will be.  And I’d like to think that is because I didn’t use the Internet.  We only left the house like 3 days.
Well, today was actually transfers so I am in a new area, Boatan.  I am actually not sure where I am... no one knew. So I guess I am lost. It is close to Antônio Bezerra, I think. I am here with Elder Mangum, an American. But I know very little about him at this point.
Well, for the last few weeks it has been raining a lot... I got a number of my books wet at my transfer so I will try and dry them out over the next few days. Now, when I say raining... I mean raining, like flooding the streets. My shoes, well, one pair, is soaked all the way through because of today. You can only get so wet before you just start walking through the half a foot or so of water without even caring. Haha
My kidney stone situation should be all “fixed” now.  I was supposed to have my second surgery last Wednesday, but we had more troubles with the insurance so it was delayed until Friday.  I was only there for 4 hours or so, so it went pretty fast.  The second surgery was to remove a tube they left in the path between my kidney and bladder, because the stone did so much damage.
Well, I am a little down. This past transfer was hard because we had something happen five of our six weeks so it made working really hard. With this new transfer I am still junior when many of my group are like way out in front. Two became Zone Leaders, one of which went from junior to Zone Leader in one transfer, he skipped senior. Elder Eyre (sp?) went senior and trainer this transfer, and then I haven’t done much of anything. So my hope is I can get it all figured out this transfer.   
I think I have gotten all the letters from you guys, and I wrote grandpa last week. By the way, can you get me Jamie’s and Cameron’s addresses?

Have you gotten back the first package you sent, or you think it won’t get back?

I love you all and miss you all dearly. I am doing and feeling much, much better now. What is going on back at home with everyone?!? Well, until next week!!! Bye!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well, as you know it was an interesting week, so you could say. I woke up at 4:00 Tuesday morning in the most excruciating pain. After trying to resolve the issue myself, I called Sister Batt. After talking with her for about a minute she told me to get to the hospital, at which point everyone went into rush mode. A taxi was called and I was dressed and blessed and was at the hospital between 6 and 6:30 a.m. At about 4 or 5 in the afternoon I was checked into the hospital after basic attempts to diagnose the issue. About an hour later I received an ultrasound which found the kidney stone. Unfortunately, I had to wait for my doctor to arrive and look at the ultrasound and decide what to do. After looking at the ultrasound, he decided that surgery was necessary. So I sat and waited for my surgery to be approved by our insurance.  The following day I was sent to another hospital where the “stuff” for the surgery was, only to find out that they don’t accept the mission’s insurance. So we went to another hospital, one where I waited from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night in the emergency room, in a room with four other people. I was without an IV so I was very, very uncomfortable and in a little bit of pain. Finally the insurance approved a room so I was allowed to go to a room. Then I waited until the following morning to have the surgery. In some following email I will send some pictures!!! 
So, basically on Thursday morning I had the surgery. I was not cut. It was through more natural channels. The following few days have been not so great. I am super, super weak and I still currently have a tube in me running from my kidney to my bladder which has been rather uncomfortable because I can feel it and all. So this next Wednesday I have another surgery to remove the tube. I am drinking a ton of water. I downed so many IV’s it isn’t even funny! We are talking like at least five or six in one arm and six or seven in the other.
Now at about this point mom is possibly crying, so as a comfort to her, she should know that I am 100% fine. I never cried and I was never afraid. So I just keep going. It does seem however that after it all, I have been a little depressed this past week. But I think I am getting better.

So three days in the hospital! haha

Well, sending those pictures ate up a little chunk of my time. But really... that is all that really happened this week. Oh it has been raining a ton. We had a baptism this past Sunday. I received a card from Jenny and Gary last week, and I received a letter from Amber and Jason this past week. I love you all and wish you all a fantastic week!!!! If you have any questions just ask and I can respond next week. Love you! Bye!!