Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, 2011

Well, another interesting week come and gone. Seems I can’t get a week just of peace. But I figure this week I will get it. This past week we, as in the other Americans I arrived with, went to the federal police to renew our visas... yes... we have been illegal since March... haha so yep. 

I slipped up on my journal writing last week just because of all the weird stuff that happened. But I am back on track. So hopefully I am writing in my journal correctly. It has been rather hard to find stuff to write. But I have a number of ideas in my head that are brewing of things I can write every day. 

Oh! Today was transfers but as we already knew, I stayed here for another transfer. So haha. I will be passing the large majority of my mission here which is weird. Very different from President Batt, but hey.  And no, my Mission President doesn’t have a son on a mission as far as I know. All of his children are married as far as I can remember. 

I got grandmas letter this past week! Thank you grandma!!! I also looked over all the stuff she sent with me again. Question….What happened with all of grandpa’s books???

So let’s see. It will be weird with everyone going off to college in the ward, but it happens. Everyone here that I really know is getting wrapped up and heading home. My trainer is headed home today. The sister that came here with us is headed home today. So it is all slowly coming to and end. And I have to be honest most of us Americans are a little worried about it. There seems to be nothing to come home to. There are no jobs, no economy. And I am supposed to return and work, go to school and somehow get married. A lot of missionaries are not looking forward to this. And I am not going to lie, neither am I. 

So now some good questions for you. What are the future prospects for a lawyer or someone with a political science degree?  Is it bleak? or still strong?

I would love to have gone on the high adventure. I am so ready to get back on the water. haha. But that will have to wait some time. 

My card is working here now. Just happens though that the church here doesn’t accept it so haha. Makes it a little harder to get the stuff I need. 

So, are you all doing FHE? Studying the scriptures? Praying together? I realized I haven’t asked in a little while. How are you all doing?

What grade is Logan going into? He will be a junior, right? He needs to start looking at scholarships or he will be high and dry. 

Well, I hope all is well with you!!! Have a great week and a couple good last weeks of summer!!!!!! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Jessica and Dante recent converts that Elder Wahl Baptized

August 8, 2011

Well, this week we had a leadership training meeting.  The following day me and Elder Raffatti went and did the entrance for a wedding. So we "lost" two days of working. When we were coming back from the wedding place, a bus broke in the terminal in front of us and on one of the turns. Basically everything in the entire terminal stopped. The people wouldn’t get off the bus so they had to call the guards over to control the problem. Basically an hour long trip home took like three hours. haha. 

So why did the mission President Visit the ward? What did you do to the missionaries???? haha

So funny story…I tried my ATM card like you all said. And it worked. And then I tried to buy something through the church distribution here and guess what? Either their machines don’t work... or... my card didn’t. But I think my card is working. I will check again this week. 

I wish I could get back on a river. Man I just want to get in a boat and start fishing. Too bad when I get back we will be out of season. 

Well, it is starting to heat up here. haha We have moved out of "winter" into "summer". There really is no difference, except rain. haha. But it is getting hot again. Elder Reffatti doesn’t like it too much. haha. 

So how is Richie? Any news yet? 

Well, now that Bishop Poulsen has been released that should mean you are close to being released no? Have the Stott boys got home yet from their missions?

Hey just wondering do you plan on coming to pick me up? 

Well, I hope all is well with you!!! I love you all!!!! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Video and Dante's comments followed by Elder Wahl's letter....

From what I see, you are training very Portuguese! (hahaha) Your "thanks again" is correct! Congratulations. :):)

Elder Wahl is excited yes! This I can assure you! Unfortunately my holidays are over. I'll have to work and study again. So I can no longer watch movies with him in the days of PDAY .... but no problem! We still see us on Sundays.

Sometimes I stop to reflect on how my life changed after I met the Church of Jesus Christ ... Today I am a much happier person. And I know it was the true Gospel that changed me. I am very grateful to our Heavenly Father for putting Wahl Elder in my life! If it was not the Elder Wahl 5 months ago coming into my house to bring me the good news of the restored gospel, maybe today I had an ordinary life ... I told you this several times, but I repeat: Congratulations on your son!

The birthday that I did for him was very simple. Only one cake, sweets and savories. But he was very happy! I will serve a mission next year, so I try to learn as much as possible with the missionaries! E. Wahl teaches me a lot of things.

Well .. I hope all is well with you all.
Gotta go now.

August 1, 2011
Well, let’s see this week was a really bad week. We had found some people that really looked like they would make progress, but... when we arrived at their house they wanted nothing to do with us. So that was disappointing. And yesterday we had two visitors at church. It was raining so no one went. Haha…Yes, the rain here keeps people in their homes.
Well, for my birthday, not much happened. Some people did like a little birthday party thingy. But I took Elder Reffatti to a restaurant to eat one day when our lunch fell through so that was the big birthday!!! However... with 21 years now... I can get what??? Yes... my concealed weapons license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha!!!! What, did you think I would forget about that???
I actually really, really like the new Mission President. He is very different and can for sure strike fear in anyone. But he is really, really good.
Yes, if it isn’t too much trouble try sending another Plan of Salvation “thingy” in Portugues. haha. There is a lady here that has really helped us. Well, she really helped with the baptism of Jessica and when we taught the Plan of Salvation she saw the little thingy and wanted one so I would like to give her one.
So I am still working on reading the New Testament. It is going slow because I keep switching between the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I am enter 3 Nephi. So either way I go I am making a lot of progress. haha

That is so exciting about Elder Williams!!!!! Haha I wish I could see him off!!!

So I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but once I get Dante’s address, send him Dove chocolate!!! haha. And if you have room in my box.... send some dove chocolate... haha

Did you all get the photos I sent?

It is weird to think how fast things are going. I will only leave my area here when I have 1 year and 8 months. It is a really weird thought. But that is how it goes. haha.

So how is everything going there? How is my puppy dog doing?

And you all never responded to my answer if when dad is released if you all are going to move? Haha
And yes I continue my journal writing.

I love you all dearly. And best of luck to Elder Williams!!!!!!!