Friday, November 19, 2010

November 15, 2010

Oh, my gosh!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!! Brenna and Spencer got their visas!!!!! I am so excited right now!!!! You have no idea!!!! Americans are just not coming. They are like the very, very last Americans to get their visas!!! You have no idea!!!!

I have not received your package yet. It takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 months, if not more for them to arrive! Trust me you can not stay ahead of the game if it depends on the function of the mail system here!!! Haha. I always have a microwave, but I have been making popcorn on the stove!!! haha.

So this week has been a very interesting week!!! I "married" my first couple, baptized my first family, and had more baptisms in a week then ever before in my mission. This family is amazing!!! Next week I plan to email pictures and video from the week home! They are about the best family that could have ever been found!!!

This past week I have felt I have been having a cultural battle with my companion. He is not fond of Americans, or so he has made it appear. We had a ward meeting the other day where it basically turned into a giant yelling match about an idea that had been proposed. And, when we left I commented on it. The wards have some issues with reverence, and I commented on it. Another sister that has lived in the United States with her family commented on how the wards in Brasil are not reverent. On our walk back home one night he recounted this to me. He has a problem with Brasil being compared to the United States. The problem is the comment came from a sister that has lived in both countries, and many different wards in Brasil. So... based off of my opinion, she has more than one ward, more than one experience to make this judgment. We have a couple wards here that have, in fact, lost baptisms because they were too irreverent.  For that to be an excuse... that says a lot compared to the thousands of shouting rock band churches that are here. It is an issue. Anything I or anyone else comments on about not being correct, he becomes angry and says we can not compare here to there... The gospel is the same everywhere... so is how the church functions... but it is impossible to tell him this. This week has been a week full of what feels like a cultural clash. But that is what happens.

Well, in less than three days, I will arrive at 8 months. It is a rather weird thought and feeling. We watched The Best Two Years today and it was very, very different to watch considering I, more or less, are having the same experiences! haha. It was an interesting point of view.

Well, my time has almost expired! Until next week! Love you all!