Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    Jessica and Dante recent converts that Elder Wahl Baptized

August 8, 2011

Well, this week we had a leadership training meeting.  The following day me and Elder Raffatti went and did the entrance for a wedding. So we "lost" two days of working. When we were coming back from the wedding place, a bus broke in the terminal in front of us and on one of the turns. Basically everything in the entire terminal stopped. The people wouldn’t get off the bus so they had to call the guards over to control the problem. Basically an hour long trip home took like three hours. haha. 

So why did the mission President Visit the ward? What did you do to the missionaries???? haha

So funny story…I tried my ATM card like you all said. And it worked. And then I tried to buy something through the church distribution here and guess what? Either their machines don’t work... or... my card didn’t. But I think my card is working. I will check again this week. 

I wish I could get back on a river. Man I just want to get in a boat and start fishing. Too bad when I get back we will be out of season. 

Well, it is starting to heat up here. haha We have moved out of "winter" into "summer". There really is no difference, except rain. haha. But it is getting hot again. Elder Reffatti doesn’t like it too much. haha. 

So how is Richie? Any news yet? 

Well, now that Bishop Poulsen has been released that should mean you are close to being released no? Have the Stott boys got home yet from their missions?

Hey just wondering do you plan on coming to pick me up? 

Well, I hope all is well with you!!! I love you all!!!! 

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