Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This week we sent a series of questions for Elder Wahl to answer and here is what he had to say.

Have you received any letters yet? Several have sent letters.
I finally received my first letter yesterday. It was yours but it was postmarked the 19th, so basically the mail system is messed up because people here are receiving letters that were postmarked the 25th.
How is your health? Are you adjusting to the weather?
I was sick my first week with something but I think it had more to do with the climate than anything, but I´m good now.
How many missionaries are at the CTM right now?
I think there are somewhere from200-250 missionaries but I´m not totally sure. Our Brazilian roomies left this morning so I did not get any sleep last night because they were up all night. It´s been raining pretty good for a few days so it´s just like home!
Did you get to see conference? All sessions?
Ya we watched all the sessions of conference, in English. And conference was fantastic!!!
How are you doing with learning the new language?
The language is ok, not where I would like to be with it but it will come.
Have you been out into the community yet?
I have been out on the streets every Tuesday but never actually doing anything. We get to actually go out proselyting twice with our first time coming up in two Fridays I think. So I better have a better handle on the language by then. We went to the temple again today and it was the best experience ever. And we actually made it there on time and made it back on time! Which is a first considering the traffic!
Tomorrow is my three week mark! And no I´m not counting, I only count months and since a month hasn´t come yet, I have to count the weeks! But overall I have become well adjusted. And I´m just slowly progressing! Well I´m almost out of time. I love you all!!! Talk to you next week!!

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