Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ok thank you so much for the gift certificate!!! And thank you for the addresses! I only need tristans email address for his misison which I think I have on g-mail. That's good that you finally decided to be good church members! haha I have still only received a letter from Kendra and the one from Dear Elder from Dad. Just to let you all know. And yes I am rather paranoid about the water and stuff. I´m ok with eating outside the CTM because it´s cooked. Thats interesting that Bishop Bowden is part of the stake presidency now. Thats good that logan is doing well with baseball. How is Dezie? So there are a few things. I need you to ask Grandma and Grandpa if they were on there missions with an Elder Peterson and a Sister Alvey? So basically we have Bishop Edgley (sp), Elder Nelson, Elder Holland, and Elder Costa all here in Brazil right now and this Thursday we will have Elder Nelson at least visit us and maybe Elder Holland, but Elder Holland as we speak is in my mission. So we are really not sure if he will end up back here. We all really hope he does! Logan) What are your two favorite stories from the Book of Mormon? What are your two favorite stories from the Bible? I know that second one is harder, but try. Maybe you could start reading the Bible? haha just kidding! I´m glad that CD finally got there... that was the one I wanted you to see/hear the most!!! At least you will get to now!! You all need to watch The Testaments, Mountain of the Lord, the newer Joseph Smith movie and one other that I can not remember at this time. I love those movies!! We are heading out this Friday to proselyte around the CTM and then two Friday´s after that we head downtown to do it again. so it will be a really interesting experience. I can´t remember if I have mentioned that I sing in the CTM choir. (In Portuguese) Anyhow we have been having some extra practices because we are singing a bunch of songs when the apostolos come. Don´t forget to try to use all ten of you letters. And mom you may have to actually mail your book. Because through Mission ties you can only do up to three pages. Oh! We went to the temple again today!!! And we made it there on time, and made it back in time. This week is going to be so crazy because of everything with the apostles and what not. Well my time is just about up. I miss you all and love you all so much! You should all get up early in the mornings and read the scriptures! It is a great way to start the day. I can´t think of anything else I needed to say haha. Love you all!!! Talk to you again next week!

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