Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Well, another week has gone by and I’ll answer a few of your questions, and fill you in on some of this week’s activities.

I received the letters from, I think the Miamaids... I think that was the group, or maybe the Beehives... I got letters from the young women! There, that’s the easiest! I’ll let you know when I get letters so you know they have arrived. I only receive letters once a week.
My health is holding up. My stomach is doing just fine. I just get tired of eating the same thing every day! Ummm.... We really don’t eat breakfast or dinner, only when we actually buy food for it. But I try to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have hamburgers, cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, bread, cake, juice. Sometimes my companion and I make stuff together, sometimes we don’t. The neighborhood where we live is pretty quiet, our area is huge. We seem to have both a rich area and a poor area. We live in between them both. I will say this, people treat us great!

We baptized and confirmed two boys this past week, Nilo, and Ismael!! The bishop gave them the Priesthood as well! We are going to continue to work with the rest of the family and hopefully they will soon follow!!!!

My division with the zone leader was good! I learned a lot from him. He’s American, so it was a good little break to work with someone rather similar to me!

Now a story that will probably scare you mom, and maybe make you cry. But Elder Mondonca and I we went to the beach today along with one of our ward missionaries and his girlfriend (or something) who’s also in the ward. While we were all riding the bus back, the ward missionary got off a few stops before us to buy soda for lunch. The girl stayed on the bus with us because she lives close to us. A few minutes later the three of us got off the bus together. Our lunch appointment was the other direction, so we asked if she wanted to be walked home and she said “no”. So we said goodbye and turned and walked down the street and turned the corner onto another street. There is a huge freeway “thing” that we cross every day, and while she was crossing that freeway, she was assaulted or robbed in the median. We had only been apart from her for 1 to 2 minutes. She knew where we were having lunch, so she came to their house and the family helped her out. All everyone wants when you are robbed is your cell phone. That is why missionaries don’t carry them, so we have nothing to give. So that is my story for the day!

While we were at lunch today, the mom, who is not a member, gave me a present for my birthday!!!! She bought me a really neat tie!!! It is a family of all girls, 5 girls and the mom. The mom is not a member, but we are working on it. She just needs to get married!!!

I am really trying to get you some pictures. I am just going to pay someone to make a CD for me here. So hopefully you should get them soon!!! What kind of things would you like me to get for you if I see them? I got Logan really cool scripture cases!!! How about you? And keep an eye on my bank account!

Logan, you need to start practicing your trumpet since marching band is coming up soon!!! And remember, please clean my trombone!!!!!

Well, Love you all tons! Miss you all!! Talk to you next week!!

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