Thursday, August 5, 2010

This coming weekend is transfer weekend! Saturday we find out if we stay, if we go, if I stay and he goes, or he stays and I go. I love this area and would really like to stay, but if I leave then hey, off to another new area!!!
Burger King for my birthday was good!!!For my birthday, Elder Mondonça tried his best to plan a surprise birthday party, but it is kind of hard when we are always together. But they had a surprise party at the house of an investigator woman that we and countless other missionaries have been trying to convince to get married, but with no success. We went into Fortaleza again today because Elder Mondonça is getting ready to finish his mission. President Batt allows all the missionaries to pretty much go anywhere in the mission, within reason, when they are about a transfer away from going home. Basically it’s to visit people and buy things and stuff. This week was Elder Mondonca’s birthday, so we went to Burger King again and I bought all our food so it was our little party for him. I think he has been guarding his money because I think he is going home to some financial trouble that his family just got into, so I paid for our Burger King trip.

We had another baptism this past weekend. And we are hoping for two more this coming weekend!!! If it works out, it will put me way ahead of my goal!!! Our only problem is our two baptisms this weekend need to meet with President Batt, or someone else, so it may throw everything off. But what happens, happens.

I learned a lot from being with Elder Sleagle (sp)! I am almost at my 5 month mark, and I am worried that my Portugêse is not good enough. It seems that I am hit and miss with lessons. Some people understand and some people have no idea what I am saying.

So I have a funny story to tell you. Yesterday after church I wanted to look at some of the books in the library in the stake center (our chapel). So we got the key from the library person, I can’t remember her name. But we went and started looking through all the books and we opened a drawer and found a stock pile of the missionary pamphlets!!!!!!! Let me explain why this is so amazing! We have none... our mission has like a permanent shortage of materials. Sometimes we get only 4 pamphlets for a week, when we need like 25. So we just loaded up our backpacks and left. We went and asked if we could have them and she sighed and was like, "sim". The week before we needed another book and she said “no” because it belonged to the stake, but these did not so it was one of those, darn... they can take them. Because we also used the whole, “we need the pamphlets to save souls” and... how can you say no to that? So in total we took like 40-50 pamphlets about the Restoration, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Plan of Salvation. Now we have materials and no one else does!!! And if I leave, I am taking some of it with me!!!
Oh!!!! I forgot to tell you that my baptism pants got stolen the last day in my last area after a baptism!!! So I haven’t had baptism pants for about 6 weeks. Haha... oh well, only so much you can do... I just use the jumpers that are here.

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