Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First thing, just to let you know that I got the package this week! I don’t think that anything was removed! I can´t remember, but with the help of my companion, we have pretty much eaten everything you sent! haha. I haven’t received cards for a while because of schedules and stuff.

My new companion, Elder Deffense has been on his mission for about a year now. This is my second time in three transfers to re-open an area. This time it’s harder because the missionaries before us tainted the Mission, the Church and the United States. For example, we were talking with this man and he asked if the “playing with fire” was a religious thing? And we said “no”, so he then said “oh, is it a cultural thing”? The other thing that is hard is we now have two areas to cover. We have two wards who both want all our attention. Both want to feed us lunch. It appears that the ward that seems to have been ignored by previous missionaries, basically interrupted sacrament meeting to talk about the lunch schedule. We are basically trying to fix who knows how many years of missionaries working here.

We have been trying to fix up our house. Fortunately, Elder Deffense is a lot smarter than I am, and he rebuilt our faucet. Apparently, when the missionary was on fire he ripped the faucet off the wall. So, Elder Deffense rebuilt the faucet and he also built a "table" out of a door, two windows, and a gate... I figured out how to secure it. I built a key hook by the front door!!!!!!! Amazing huh!!!!! Haha, my little key hook compared to his table and faucet is really funny!

Is there any way you can send me another copy of my Patriarchal Blessing? I have kind of trashed mine with how much I have read it. It is now developing holes where it folds and stuff. Plus, it’s fading. Please and thank you!!!

Oh, and have you looked at my facebook recently to see if any Brazilians have asked to be friends? Haha. I am just curious.

Well, I miss you all! And love you all so much! Have a great week!!!

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