Monday, December 13, 2010

Well, speaking of transfers... they were today! haha. I am in the same area with a new companion, Elder R. Ferreira, another Brazilian which is really good for my Português! I get to be senior for a week as I show him around.  To be honest with you all I am rather worried about playing senior for a week. Yes I have done it before but if I mess up here I mess up big. Elder Roza and I finished out with 9 baptisms, the best transfer of my mission yet we worked almost less than half the time due to the fact that he was a secretary. But now Elder R. Ferreira and I will work all day. We have almost two times as much time to work. Our ward is expecting even more out of us. This area has one of the best bishoprics in the state, so nothing less is expected out of us. So a lot is riding on if I can get us going good at the start of the transfer.

I am for sure doing much better with the language but there is always room for improvement. I just can’t write like I want to. I can read and understand pretty much everything. I can understand almost everything someone says. I can speak but there are still some words and actions I don’t know, plus I can barely write.

This past Sunday... ie... yesterday, we baptized 4 people. Danilo (14), Nicailli (13), Hiani (11), Andrezza (9). I baptized the two younger girls. They were references from the family we baptized! We are actually heading there right after we email. I want to take my new companion there in the light so we don’t get robbed of something!

I forgot to mention this past Sunday we had a regional conference with a broadcast from Salt Lake! Here in Fortaleza we had two new Stakes made and a number of new Wards created. Second most stakes in Brasil at like 16. Second only to São Paulo... with like... 40 or 50 or something. haha. Just a little difference…

So I will be spending Christmas and New Years here in Nova Aldeota. A very different experience but it will be good! Christmas here, at least here in Ceará is... very different. No cold, very few lights, tiny trees, and seems like very little Christmas music. Fortunately, we have a surplus in our apartment everyday!!! haha yes we wake up with it, we go to sleep with it!

Speaking of no cold… It is very humid here today because it has been raining a bit throughout the day... which always makes it worse.

I am glad Logan finished a letter!!!  Which means it is almost time for him to start another one!!! like one every week... punk... haha just kiddin. One from you every week Logan would be nice, really nice.

I am slowly drawing close to 9 months which is rather strange! I feel like I was just sitting there getting my call, then just sitting in the CTM. Everything has just gone by so fast. It is weird to think about. There are a ton of missionaries leaving at the end of this transfer. I don’t know what we are going to do. The church needs to send us about 20 to fill the gap. It will be interesting. 

The package hasn’t arrived yet. But there is still hope, maybe. Haha. I don’t really know! haha. I think I will send some pictures home next week. 
Well, I love you all and wish you all a fantastic week!!! I am looking forward to your letter Logan!!!! 

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