Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well, do I have some news for you!!!! At this point, we will be using SKYPE to video chat on Christmas day. I will call sometime this week before to work out a time, most likely Wednesday. And most likely mom... since her work number is the only one I can remember... haha. Isn’t that exciting?!!!!! So... umm... who exactly do you think will be there?

This past Sunday was hard for me. None of our investigators came to church. Well, one did come but she can’t be baptized because she needs to either get married or separate from her boyfriend husband person. But when she came... oh my gosh... it was the best thing that happened this week!!!

Yesterday, Sunday, was the Primary program and had nothing to do with Christmas. So the timing was a little weird... but hey!!! Haha. Me and my companion actually had a part in it!!! haha

Oh, also this past week, I found out that we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas because it actually isn’t Christ’s birthday... it’s Noah´s birthday? Ya... I am just as confused about that one as you... haha

This past week we went to the beach... I think that was this past week. I can’t remember. Anyhow, we went to the beach and it was all raining and stuff. We played around on the beach then I helped President and Sister Batt serve lunch. It was so good. Sister Batt made that American shredded beef in like the BBQ sauce... it was amazing!!!

Well... about the package... I went and almost got away with it. Basically, there is no reasoning to it. They said any package over 50 reais has the same thing happen. Yet we have 200 dollar packages arrive. Basically from what I can tell is, any US package that goes through Rio has this problem. So really it seems to be a hit and miss. So it may stay in Brasil... or it may get sent back... they weren’t sure. I actually tried to pay for it and take it... but they, well, I don’t really know... I guess they don’t accept cards... yet in my hand I was holding a card reader... it was... odd. Basically, my Brazilian companion and I left very confused. Haha.

I am super excited for Logan´s letter!!!! Like really!!!

Do you all still have the sisters in your ward?

Any updates on friends and missions?

So what kind of physical therapy is Logan having?

So I am super excited to talk with you all on Christmas!!! I almost couldn’t get to sleep last night!!!

I love you all and wish you a good week!!! Until Christmas!!!

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