Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 21, 2011

It is funny how you started your letter (I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy)… because last night was not the best of nights for either of us. Both my companion and I made frequent visits to the bathroom.

It has been raining a lot. We had interviews this past week. Other than that this has been a really slow week. I feel we barely work. But it is hard when I am not senior. President Batt did mention to me that I need to be ready to become a senior and just not do what I didn’t like about my other companions. Because it is transfers again we will wait and see what happens this weekend! This week we will have a zone conference so I won’t receive anything until Friday, I think.

This transfer has just flown by. That’s why I haven’t said much about my companion. It has been hard because my companion just talks about home... that’s like all he thinks about. He has over 7 months left but that is all he thinks about. That’s all he worries about so it distracts me and him.

This coming week we are hoping to have one more baptism of the transfer to end it with 7 baptisms. I am still very far behind my goal but I have a feeling I can catch up. I have about a year left to do it so I just have to work very, very hard to get it.

Hey, so apparently word is out about the new Mission Presidents for the missions. We are getting a Brasilian so there is a lot of potential for change. Like a lot. Kind of worried about this since I don’t do very well with the whole change thing, so about 7 months with a new President will be interesting. But it will all just have to work out.

Well, this past week I butted heads with a member in the ward. He started causing problems for us which did not sit well with me so I did everything I could to deal with it. But, I had to tell President Batt and the Bishop so it is getting dealt with.

Did I mention I finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese?

I hope Logan is writing another letter.....

So I had a weird thought, isn’t Dad’s birthday coming up???

I can’t think much of anything else for Nick to bring. It sure is nice of him to do this. Just those books, maybe a peanut butter. just random food items. And something I  keep forgetting to ask. What is the name of the girl Nick is coming to visit??? I have seen quite a bit of the mission here so there is a chance I know her!
Unfortunately I have little to say today. And my time is up. I’m just not feeling so hot today. Bye everyone!!! Love you all so much!!!

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