Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February 28, 2011
Well, I am now in Parquelandia. And, I am Senior. I go from wanting it real bad to being a little nervous. My new companion is starting transfer 3. He was in the CTM with Spencer and Brenna, so I just saw a picture of him with Brenna! Haha…  I am so stoked for this transfer. I feel it is going to be really, really good. I have some ideas I want to try. My new companion Elder L. Carvalho is new and full of energy and ready to work. I have a feeling it will be really, really good!
We baptized this really neat young man yesterday. I was hoping to send photos. He is 15, the same age as Logan!!!! Haha..Well, I am trying to get pictures for you but the computer is like not recognizing the camera!!! Kinda annoying!  Unfortunately I can’t get the camera to work, so, hopefully next week I can get the camera working and send a large group of photos!!!
I found out today that all the people that Elder Roza and I baptized in Nova Aldeota are still going to church and are doing really, really well!!! When I heard that I can not even explain how I felt. I was so worried when I left there that everyone would stop going. But the exact opposite has happened!!! All nine of them are still going to church!!!!!!

I am so excited to play my trombone!!! I have been listening to my CD that you sent.  Tell Mr. Fount to stay alive long enough so I can get some help from him!!! I want a scholarship after my mission and I will need someone’s help!!!
Go Logan!!!! You can totally make the team!!! But no matter what, work your tail off on the trumpet!!!!!!!!!!
I am still on my first pair of shoes and have a feeling they will make it to the end of my mission! So, no need for shoes. Just the two books and the AA battery charger. And... anything else you would like to send!!

Well, I love you all so much and am really looking forward to next week!!!! Bye!!!

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