Thursday, April 21, 2011

Logan, about the Facebook friend request from Dante Baiardo Viana…Accept it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We baptized him a few weeks ago!!!!! He is my best friend!! Seriously I can’t even tell you. He wants to talk to you guys, I think. He is going to go on his mission in a year. He was called to be the ward secretary yesterday, it just isn’t official yet. And next Sunday he will be ordained an Elder!!!! And I will get to be in the circle!! Seriously, he is one of the greatest people I have ever met!!!! I think you and dad both got invites as well!!! haha. Seriously he is amazing. He got baptized and stuff and then his family and some friends told him he had changed and stuff and they weren’t sure they liked it. And it was pretty hard for him for a little while, but he is doing better now! I think I already sent pictures from his baptism to you all!!!!

We had another baptism this last week, which was really good!!!
I am doing much better. Just getting over the little cold I had after my other fantastic sickness. haha. But I am doing much and much better every day.

Oh, and I got the package with everything and stuff. Thank you so much!!!!!! I am already reading the books like crazy! And I already used the little Plano de Salvaçâo. The candy is already gone. Most everyone has seen the new pictures!!! haha. Thank the Welch’s for the package they sent as well!!!

It has been raining a lot here just like there in Oregon.

Dad having to get rid of the skunk at Sister Hancock’s house.... haha..
Great, another fantastic computer…It just stopped working on me so luckily I saved this before I had to restart. 
I hope everything is continuing to go well! I love you all and wish you a fantastic week.

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