Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When you were in the hospital this last time did you get a blood transfusion or just fluid IV? Just IV´s.
Do you have enough bug spray? I don´t need more bug spray.
Are you still senior companion after this last transfer? I am still senior.
Are you back to working full time? And yes, how ever I am very tired.
Are you going to be able to call your mother in a few weeks for mother’s day? As far as I know I will be able to call home .

Well, we as four missionaries decided next week we will be using a different place for internet. until now it has taken about 5 minutes just to type this.

Well, we had another baptism this past week. I am feeling much better just very very tired . I have been doing a lot of reading. And my comp and I have decided to read the new testament before the end of the transfer. so that should be fun.

 I am super excited about mike.

That was quite a busy week.

 I will for sure send tcuirpe next week when I have a useable computer.

riooussly I am super sorry. This place is rediculous.

Next will be better.

I love you all!!!

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