Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4, 2011

After one week of the new President, we still haven’t heard anything. haha I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. haha And now I have to send my letter to the President in Português... So it takes super long now because my writing skills are not yet perfected. Dante says it is really good but I don’t know about that. 

This week was good, a little slow, but good. It is a little difficult to get our investigators to progress. A lot of them are not, just moving really slowly.  We are just trying to wrap stuff up for the transfer.  Next week is transfers so we shall see where I end up. I kind of want to go to the interior but I want my package sooner so I have torn feelings on the matter.

I am making pretty good progress in the Bible, learning a lot. I am wanting to finish it but I am not making progress like I would like. 

I got letters this week from Kendra, Maren, Cambrai, and Joel Johnson. 

Have you all heard where Tyler is going on his mission or has he not received his call yet?

I am glad to hear you got the letter I sent through Mission Ties email. That means I can start using that as well!!! 

When is the cabin?

Ya, I have some hope in Monica. Someday I’ll get her interested in the Gospel. haha. Just little by little but I will. Haha

By the way, I wear those plaid pajama shorts like every night.  They are super nice to wear here!!haha.

I love you all!!! Until next week!!!!!

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