Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 27, 2011

This week was really a hard week. We cut a lot of people. We have very few people to teach. I really want to stay here but at the same time I need a change of scenery to get me a little more excited. After walking the same streets everyday for 5 months you get a little tired. Haha.  But we are hoping for a good week this first week with the new President. 

President Batt leaves tomorrow and President Souza arrives, so it will be interesting. No one knows quite what to think or expect. 

Another area in the interior opened this week so someone will be having the joy of really actually opening an area!!!

Well, this week was a weak number week for us, but we managed one baptism. We got in a little bible bash with an old, Catholic lady this past week. It seems we only knocked on the doors of the Catholics here in the area. haha. 

Today we are spending a good part of our p-day with Dante and Bruno. Haha.  It will be pretty awesome!!!! We are going to watch our one movie then play soccer. haha
Last week we discovered I am rather good in the goal because I am tall and my hand skills are pretty good. I give that to volleyball. 

Have you all sent the package?

I am doing well. Far more healthy…

I love you all!!! 

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