Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August 29, 2011
Well, this is a very weird email. That is weird to think that dad has been released from being Bishop.
Well, we haven’t had any other really weird experiences like last week.

This past week was zone conference for us. It was one of the best zone conferences I have ever attended. I am loving President Souza. The only "problem" that I am seeing is that he never served a mission nor his wife. So sometimes he doesn’t understand fully what is like to be a missionary on the "front line". So sometimes they ask us to do some things that are rather illogical or very, very difficult to do. But hey, maybe that is what the mission needs so, I will do my best to do it. Haha
I have not received the package. I have only received the mission ties with the email from Tristan, Jamie, Richie and Cam. But, I haven’t received mail in like six weeks, maybe more. haha. But it is normal when you have the amount of time I have on the mission. Everyone stops receiving mail. haha

Well, other than this not much happened this week. We are still waiting for our DVD’s and DVD players to arrive. I am really excited for them to arrive and be able to watch the Preach my Gospel DVD’s.

So is dad going to do anything? like by "do anything" I mean does he already have another calling?

What is the band show this year??? Force Logan to write me about it. And what classes is he planning to take?

My journal writing has improved a lot. Oh oh oh, I finished the New Testament in Português yesterday!!! So I am thinking I am going to finish the Book of Mormon and then start on the Doctrine and Covenants. I think I am going to try and read the works in Português before the end of my mission. Won’t be easy but it is do able. I just need to use my time wisely.

So what is new for all of you any other new things happening?

I love you all and wish you all another great week!!!

August 22, 2011

Well, this week was the most interesting week of my life. I am not exactly sure where to start so I will start with the normal stuff and move to the weird stuff. 

So this past week, we baptized the family I spoke of.  Our numbers were extremely low, but the two baptisms kind of make up for it.

Ok, honestly I have nothing except the weird stuff. 

So a couple days ago we taught this older lady. We asked her to pray and stuff and that we would return to see how it went. Well, when returned we asked her how the prayer went. Basically she is part of a religion like... spiritism... or something like that. Not really sure in English. Anyhow, we ask how the prayer went. Well, she began to explain how a spirit visited her. This spirit did nothing, walked to her made a few motions, smiled and then left. So we listened to this and found it... interesting... so we told her to pray and that we would return the following day and see how it all goes.  We left and went on our way discussing whether this was a good spirit visitation or an evil spirit. When we arrived at our house some hours later, we continued our talk looking through all our books to find some kind of answer. In short, we decided this was not a Heavenly messenger. There were too many flaws with her visitor to be so.  That night I had some rather strong impressions that something was wrong in the area, very strong impressions enough so that we called the President the following day. Well, we couldn’t reach him until night so... during that period we returned to this lady to see how the prayer went. We entered the house and nothing happened until we sat down and Elder Reffatti began to ask how the prayer went. And mid sentence a cat or a group, began to wail... as though someone was killing them. This lady and those in the house don’t know where these cats were. She jumped up and ran to find out what was happening.  We ended rather quickly and left. As we were leaving and we put our feet on the ground outside the house, the noise stopped. For about ten minutes everything in the area was going nuts. When discussing this back at our house, we decided that we have a spirit working that area of our area. We then remembered a weird comment Elder Reffatti made a few days earlier about a lady that lived close to there. He had made some comments about the fact that this lady was dark and had no life and was acting strange.  So yes, we ran into or came across evil spirits in our area. 

Our conversation with President Souza was a very good conversation. I was rather startled by everything that was happening and so with all that he said, he left me a little more comfortable. 

Can you have grandma send me her story that is kind of similar, the one about her house and a really bad smell?  Thanks!!!! 

So that was our fantastic week!!! Haha.  You may or may not want to post this on the internet. You can decide. 

But no, I have not received the mission ties letter yet.

I love you all and wish you all a great week!!!!!! 

Love you all!!!
August 5, 2011
Well, it looks like you guys had another excellent week.
Well, this past week people broke into the church property and stole our water pump... again... so we have no water in the chapel. So we are wanting baptisms this week but at the same time not because we have no way to fill the font. Haha
Not much happened this week.
I don’t know if you all remember, but Jessica, that we baptized here. Well she was robbed Saturday night walking home. And well, she tried to fight back and the guy hit her on the head with the pistol grip so she had to get stiches and stuff and wasn’t able to go to church.

Saturday was weird. I have "lost" a lot of my allowance. Elder Reffatti dropped the 20 liter water jug and it broke and our new 20 liters of water went all over the house.  So we took the opportunity to wash the floor. haha. We had to buy a new one for 20 reais. It was actually a really funny moment. I was putting on my shoes and I hear him say “oh no”... then a thud and water on the floor. Then oh fetch!!!!! haha it was really funny. 

This week I finished the New Testament, the Book of Mormon, and all the talks from the previous general conference. So I am starting to study the Old Testament using that little booklet they give you at church.

Training has been good, interesting but good. I am learning a lot.

Well, I hope you all have a great week!!!!! Love you all!!!!

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