Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 26, 2011
Well, as you all should know, I have left. After 7 1/2 months, I left my beloved Parquelândia. I am already missing her a lot! I miss Dante, Jessica, Bispo and his wife. I miss everyone. Well, not everyone. haha. I am worried about Elder Reffatti., it looks like he may have grabbed a fubeca. So I told him to keep an eye on himself. And before he does something stupid to my area, call President.

I am now in Conjunto Ceará 1 e 3. It’s like right next to my first area, Guadalajara. So it is really weird to be back here.  It is one of my poorer areas. I have been working with rich people for the last year and 1 or 2 months. I have already seen a number of places here I haven’t seen since the start of my mission.

Last night Dante, Jessica, Elder Reffatti and I had a little going away party. We took a bunch of pictures,   ate some cake and played a little Uno. We put all the pictures on Dante’s computer, and then said our goodbyes on the street and left. I am really going to miss Dante and Jessica. I am actually going to try and finish my mission there (Parquelandia). I want to do three transfers here and then finish up there. That would be my dream. To see everyone again! Keep talking to Dante and Jessica please!!!

Yesterday we had two more baptisms, Verena and George. It was weird. It was like super, super easy to teach them and baptize them. I can’t even explain how easy!!!!!! I don’t even know how it was that easy. Well.... I do... but you know what I mean.

Yesterday was weird at church. I am like famous in Parquelândia because I’ve been here so long. When they said I was leaving everyone was like shocked and stuff. I was hard on them sometimes but at the same time it was almost as though we both, the ward and I, knew what actually happened over the last five transfers.  But the ward is so much better. I look at the people I baptized there and realize the people we baptized are holding the ward together right now. They had lost so many people it wasn’t funny. But almost all the people we baptized are in leadership positions. It is truly amazing.

What did I get to see Dante do that most missionaries will never see a baptism of theirs do?:

Sacrament- Prepare, bless
Blessing of the sick
Count tithing

I have seen him do almost everything there is to do. It has truly been amazing.

Well, as you can see I absolutely love Parquelândia. I have really learned what it is to love the people. I didn’t know it until I was looking out of the window in my room yesterday.
President Souza was so hard on me that I made a special "report" on Parquelândia for him and gave it to him at the leadership training meeting. I think it impressed him. I just think it was a lack of understanding on his part on the unique needs and circumstances in the area. He made a special note of it in his email to me.

Well, no package yet. And hold off on any other packages. Almost nothing here is moving. It might be here now but I have no idea.

As you can see, my email is much longer than normal because my email system to the President isn’t working. So you are the only people I need to email today!! I only email two, you and President! haha

I am super excited for conference! haha. My last one here! haha it is really weird. I have friends going home in every transfer up to when I leave. When you look at the numbers it is so short a time. And it is hard to believe. It was weird to look out my window last night and think about it all.
Well, I hope all is well. I love you all so much. Por favor continuar a falar com meus amados em Parquelândia!!! Love you all!!!!!!! Have a great week!

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