Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011
So this week we got a little surprise. Well, at least me and my companion. He is being transferred. Yep an emergency transfer. There is no emergency. Just that Americans are arriving and he is going to train in Barroso, my second area and I will be finishing up the training of another Elder already here because his companion is heading home because of health problems. So I am like sort of training again. I am feeling really, really lost right now because I don’t really know this area yet. haha so we will see how that goes.
The two wards we cover aren’t huge. Just that the chapels are on the two opposite sides of the areas. Sacrament meeting is at the about the same time in the two wards so getting from one to the other is hard.
The bat in my pictures from last week is a frequent flyer at our house. He sleeps during the day and then flies out at night when we get home. Sometimes we have time to take pictures or videos of him. We have some pretty funny videos of us trying to chase him out of the house. Usually ends with us behind an umbrella yelling at the bat and running in all directions.
We also did a soap commercial yesterday. haha

I wanted to send pictures but we are using slow internet today so next week.

I haven’t gotten the package yet but maybe tomorrow. So we shall see.

I have a funny story for you all. My companion told me this story today during companionship study... well it is kind of two stories...

There was a man on a cruise ship who fell into the water. He started yelling for help, so a man picked up a chair and threw it in the water to let him grab onto it. But in the same moment he did this everyone turned and saw him throw the wooden chair which hit the man in the water and killed him. Everyone called the man who threw the chair a murderer. Now……

There were two men on another cruise ship who were fighting. One man threw the other in the water in hope of killing the other man. But the other man resurfaced and started yelling for help. The first man then picked up the wooden chair in hopes of killing the man in the water. As he did so everyone looked to see what was happening. The man threw the chair missing the man in the water. The man grabbed the chair and was saved. The people began calling the to-be murderer a hero.

God is the only one that sees the whole picture. He knows and understands the true meaning of our actions. I really liked the meaning of the story yet found it really funny as I saw it play out in my mind. Oh! I’ll save you!!!! Here a wooden chair!!!

Way to go BYU!!!! Nothing is better than stomping the Oregon teams!!!!! haha. I love it. Beating Utah would have been better but hey...

Well, I love you all!!! I hope this was a better email than last week!!!! Love you all!!!!

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