Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

Well, the big news is we are going to be receiving a visit!! Elder Bednar and Elder Costa will be coming by our mission November 14th!!!!!!!1 So that is the new news!!!!

This week was not great... but not bad.  We are getting ready for a “white” Christmas here. We will have a kind of weak six weeks in preparation for a giant baptism day. We are thinking of a 20 or 30 goal but we’ll see.

My new companion is from São Paulo. His name is Elder Ribeiro. He is 19. He has 3 months on the mission. I am actually training him now. President Souza extended his training time so it is interesting being with a Brazilian again. I got use to the American thinking and now I need to switch back to another form of thinking.  My new companion and I are doing well. He is just new and stuff, the normal stuff is happening. We are getting to know the area together. 

We meet every Tuesday for district meeting... but the whole zone is there... so it is kind of weird. November 14th will be the whole mission which for me has never happened.

Our P-days are very simple here in this area... because there is nothing here... so we use the internet and sleep. It usually doesn’t work out real well. haha.

They have Sacrament Primary programs here but they are weird. They try the best they can but when everyone here goes one week then doesn’t go the next it is always hard to put programs together. But they try.

The package hasn’t arrived yet. I don’t know if it will. And no, it isn’t worth sending another package because the chances of it arriving after I go home is rather large. haha

I got a letter from Maren the other day so I need to write her back!

I want to know more about the band program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I need to actually write Dante because he sent me a Package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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