Sunday, May 2, 2010

It’s been raining a bit here for a while. Let’s see, we went proselyting this past Friday. We walked all over our area! I’m getting some really nice muscles. We were out for about three hours and we probably walked 3 or more miles! Our district as a whole placed 46 Books of Mormon. Elder Eyre and I placed 6 ourselves. So who knows how many of them will read and want to know more. We go again in two weeks but we will go downtown for that one. It started to rain for the last thirty minutes of it so we got really, really wet. It was a ton of fun! We placed five of our six in fifty minutes.

Elder Nelson also came last Thursday! It went well, we sounded good when we sang. We all had the opportunity to shake his hand before the meeting started. I have only like 3 weeks left here in the CTM. Time goes by so fast. I’m still making good progress reading through the Book of Mormon and the Bible.

I still have not received any mail since getting Kendra’s letter. Just thought I would let you know because Mom wants to know when I receive letters. Have you been posting my letters home on the blog? And thank you so much for Tristan’s email. I am going to email him today.

It’s hard to come up with exciting things to say while here in the CTM porque we do the same thing everyday. The most exciting thing to happen the last few days has been that the scriptures have been coming alive! It’s hard to actually know what to mark because everything is so important. I don’t know if I mentioned already that Elder Jones from our stake came down here a week or two ago so it was nice to see another familiar face! My clothes have been holding up really good. I haven’t had many issues if any. Well I am sorry it was short yet again, but in a few weeks things should really start to get exciting! I love you all!!! Give my love to all my friends and familia!

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