Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It´s nice to hear from you!! You all need to actually use the mission ties you signed up for! I got the one letter from mom and that's it! And now that I said that watch there be one there tonight! I got the letters from Rick´s family but due to the number of people I have to write back in that family, I haven´t had time to write them all! And once I finish all the letters I will send it! So I bought a bible today with my card so just check to make sure I have money there and stuff. I leave on Maio 18, 2010 so make sure everyone knows that everything right now should be sent to the mission home address and not the CTM. Also, I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of the building for you all to see where I spend almost all my time! I can´t take my camera out of the compound so no pictures of the people or the streets. The language is starting to come a lot easier the last few days/week so that's good. I am still really worried about the fact that I will be on my own with a companion that may speak zero ingles in like less than two weeks! My best Brazilian friend left today for his mission here in Sao Paulo. The CTM is actually in his mission so his mission president picked him up here this morning. His name was Elder Melo. He was the funniest Brazilian I have met yet to date. I love him! So I have his contact info and pictures! Once I get to the field I will hopefully be able to send pictures home! I am like almost out of cash because I haven´t used my card yet, but I can´t go to a bank or anything so I´m glad I only have like one more P-Day to even need it. Today is a rather hot day. I won´t get to call on mother’s day because I´m at the CTM, but we all think our mission president may let us call once we get there because it´s like a week after but I don´t know. I had some really good food at this place up the street it was amazing! Tell Logan to write!!! So I may need you all to send me some stuff once I get to the mission field, but I am not totally sure on what I need so I want to make a better list before asking for it. One of our instructors came to the temple with us today with his wife and he brought his camera and he said he would email the picture home so hopefully you´ll get a picture! I will ask him about it more next time I see him. So have you finished Logan´s room??? haha I´m trying to use up some of the stuff in that one suitcase to make room for all the new stuff I have received in here! haha We get to go proselyting again this Friday but we head downtown this time, which we hear is much, much harder, but still easier to find people. I miss you all! Let everyone know I love them!!! Give everyone a hug! Be happy! Smile!

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