Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

I don´t know how it is for you, but here time just flies by. We got to baptize Igor yesterday! But the baptism has a very interesting story. Elder Lima and I drained the font so we could clean it, because here, they don´t drain it after each use. So we drain the font only to find out that for some reason, the church has no water!!! So the font remains empty and the church has no water as I type this. So you are probably wondering how we baptized Igor with no water? Swimming pool! The bishop of the neighboring ward´s father owns a school or runs a school with a pool that we used for the baptism! And guess who got to do the baptizing??? ME! So I had to climb in the little pool and stuff! I did it perfectly in Português the first time, and he was completely under so it took only one try! So my first baptism was Igor de Souza Nascimento. (sp)

The second Sunday was just more walking, more than normal though. The sweat is just kind of a normal thing now. haha. But I am getting my tan! I am using my hair gel because it’s always windy here so my hair kind of goes all over the place. It has rained here pretty much every night for the last week and a half and today I had my first thunderstorm. It lasted from like 8:30-12. And of course, I do quite honestly think the conditions here are not as bad as that one lady from your work said. I have probably seen less cockroaches here than at the CTM. Mom, I have so, so much time on my P-Days. Sometimes I have to find stuff to do, so I have plenty of time for letters! Plus, I have not received a letter in like 1 month? not really sure. And before I forget!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!! I will make sure I celebrate tomorrow by buying some ice cream!!!

The only thing I have to say to you dad about the ward and stuff, is make sure your ward missionaries are working, and that you have a good home and visiting teaching program. Also make sure all converts have home teachers. Without being wrong and saying bad things, the ward here does not have good programs which is hurting Elder Lima and I´s work. Also you should feed the missionaries sometime! Quite honestly the baptism was the biggest event of the week. Everyday consists of heat and work and walking! As you may have noticed, we did not accomplish our goal of 6 baptisms this past week, that´s because our other 5 failed for unseen reasons... However, we set our goal at 6 again for this week. So we shall see how that goes. Elder Lima and I may actually be getting the apartment to ourselves and Elder Cooper and Elder L. Lima may move to an apartment in the building next to us. But we are still waiting for the ok from Presidente Batt.

Well I miss you all, but time here is just flying by. Only four more weeks and I may be somewhere new. Sorry if there are many errors, this keyboard I am using barely works, I have to pound on it and like hit keys multiple times just to get the desired letter. Miss you all! Talk to you again next week!!!!!

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