Monday, June 14, 2010

I DON´T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!!!!!! I have been waiting since last P-Day to find out where Spencer and Brenna were going!!!!! You have no idea how excited I am right now to know that they are both coming to Brazil!!!I will be able to talk to them!!!!! Just too bad they are missing Copa do Mundo!!! Brazil plays tomorrow and we have to return to our apartment and study. I will certainly write a letter next week or something and send it, because I know there are a lot of things I wish I had known prior to coming here, and some things I would have done to prepare better. When does Adam go in? And where!!!!? And when does Nick go home?? About the Spanish, I received a letter from Jessica Boggs with some Spanish in it and I could understand it. When I was in the CTM, I was told that with Português you can understand 80% of Spanish, but with Spanish you can only understand 10% of Português. But I have not really had the chance to find out so I don´t know if that is really true.

Let´s see, we were supposed to have two baptisms yesterday, a brother and sister, but the baptisms fell through because their dad left their house drunk and with a gun. Weird I know, but the baptism got cancelled.

Well, I usually have a lot of food to eat, but I can only handle so much of it. Let´s see what else. I’ve been having some real trouble with my right knee, but I had not said anything to Presidente Batt because I did not want anything to come of it. But I told him this week in my weekly email. I am hoping it is just over worked and needs a little rest. But I am doing everything possible to get it back to normal, because I need it to work, and to do other activities in my life. By the way, I scored my second goal in futebol this morning! And no, it felt good to play on my knee, because it was a different motion than just walking.

Hey Dad and Mom, if you would like a pair of scripture covers like Logan’s, just send me the name you would like put on them. I will pick the pictures because I have no real way to tell you what he exactly has.

I received Logan´s letter the other day and was really excited to read it! Except one thing, why did you not tell me when you received the covers that you had!!!!? I was worried that they had been lost in the mail!!! But it was fun to read!!! I think I will do some pictures on CD´s and mail them but I want to take some more so I can fill up the CD. So it may be a little longer. I want to use up as much space on it as I can. I will send them soon enough so you and possibly Spencer and Brenna can see what the CTM looks like.

So I think it is time for a package!!! Yay!!! So I would like some candy!!! And Jerky!!! Jerky is a must! They do not have it here! And the most important thing, I need a REAL Brasil and USA soccer Jersey, preferably Nike. I can buy them here, but they are fake so I am hoping for some real ones. If you go online you can probably find some real ones. Just be careful!! And more pictures of home, but not like of people, well people are ok, but pictures of like Oregon and what the USA is like.

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