Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21, 2010
I am doing well, starting to get a little tired but that is expected. haha. My knee is still a little tender but doing much better. And yes, I had Elder Cooper and Elder Lima give me a blessing like 2 weeks ago.
I have not heard much about the temple here, but I think that is mainly because no one really knows.

So we had three baptisms this past week, a brother and sister, and then another girl. We had to do so much to get them baptized. So many weird things happened, but it all came together in the end.

A funny thing happened yesterday. We ate lunch and then went to this house to try and teach, but we knew we wouldn´t be able to because the Brasil game was going to start in about 25 minutes. Anyway, we go to this house and it’s the house of an elderly couple whose daughter is a member. The daughter and husband and kids are members and thy invited us to go and teach her parents. So we show up and they are having like a family party for the game and it´s a crab feast! And they were all like come and eat. Elder Lima was like really afraid of the crab, but I took my backpack off and flipped my tie over my back and went for it. I was not entirely sure how to eat it because it was a smaller crab, so the grandma´s sister helped me. Everyone was watching me as I tried to go at this tiny crab and everyone was laughing, but to tell you it was really good!!

Something that I just remembered, Logan!!!!!! Please take care of my trombone!!! I am sure it needs to be cleaned!!! Please!!!

This coming Saturday is when we find out about transfers, so we will see what happens. We find out Saturday night, and move Monday. So I don´t know if I will get to email if I’m in the middle of a move.

It seems like the weeks go by so fast and everything just kind of blends together. It is hard to remember things that happened, but that is what my journal is for! Generally, crazy things don´t happen, I mean we have our share of drunks and stuff, but that’s really about it.

I am like on page 500 and something in Jesus The Christ, so I’m making great progress there. However, I decided that I just need to really focus on reading one thing at a time, because I was trying to read too much. I really just want to focus on the Book of Mormon. So, I will just knock everything else out!

Picture wise... yea like pictures of Oregon and the area and stuff, and people, just whatever!!! haha.

Well, I miss you all, and I love you all so much!!! Talk to you again next week!!!

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