Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, I got transferred to a new area called Barroso. My companion is Elder Mendoça (sp). It is really strange being away from my trainer. I am actually really worried right now because I have a feeling my new companion is really bad. What I mean is, he seems to be one to break a lot of rules, so I just have to wait and see. For example, we are at a members house, and I am emailing, which you aren’t suppose to do, I think. But he is sitting there playing Playstation, but my Portuguese isn’t good enough to say anything. There are other Elders here and they aren’t saying anything so I have no idea what I am doing. I have not seen my new apartment yet because we don´t have the key or something like that so I am waiting to see how it is. I guess if my companion does end up being bad I will get a lot of study time in. I am really unsure what is going to happen today, because the Brasil game is going to start soon and I don´t think we are suppose to watch it even on p-day, but I have no idea. It is so strange that everyone’s worse companion is their second, we’ll see how this goes. I may be with him till he leaves, he goes home in September.

So I baptized a 9 year old girl yesterday! I left Guadalaja with seven baptisms! haha. I also got to see Elder Eyre and Elder Waldron today during the transfers, which was nice. Oh, and about the water, I filter as much as I can. But picking up worms and what not is unavoidable, because you wash your dishes, your hands, and you shower in the same water everyone says is so bad, so it’s unavoidable. But I filter what I can.

My knee is much better, I sleep with an elastic brace on it every night and that seems to be what fixed it.

So let’s see, more detail... Well, it’s hot... you sweat a lot. I am sick of the same lunch like everyday... haha. Which, by the way, I want Pita Pit so so so bad. I have been out for almost 4 months. Apparently the Brazilian deodorant is really bad, so I will need some sent to me eventually. The money is really pretty.
I wish I could be at the cabin! It would be so fun! Oh, I have received a number of letters from people, and I will respond to most, just not right away. So as long as everyone knows that.

Well, I have no more real details about my new area yet, but when I do I will make sure to include them!!!! Please send any kind of pictures. They are for me and other people, because they ask what it’s like where I came from. The Brazilians always ask for stuff. haha, but I don´t want to particularly want to give anything away until I get closer to the end of my mission.

Well, I don´t know when my hour is up so to be safe I will just go now. I love you all!!! and I hope the cabin is a blast!!! Miss you all!!! Love you all!!!!

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