Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 2, 2011

Another messed up computer. I am trying to watch videos on the church website and can’t!!!!! Yes, basically I am dying to have my own computer again. Every week is the same thing, junky computers. Some days you can’t type, other days you can’t watch videos. Every week there seems to be another problem.

Well, this past week was rather interesting. Our numbers were so low it wasn’t even funny. Everything we marked fell. And then finding people this week... good luck.

Nothing has been said yet about calling home this weekend. I assume we will, but I don’t know the details. It would be kinda cool if I could speak with some of my friends for like 1 minute, if that would be ok, or not too hard.

Just write Dante. Just write him normal stuff, too. I think he just wants to talk and stuff. I am pretty sure he is using google translate and stuff. haha He also told me he was talking with you all. Oh, and if you enter into my Facebook don’t accept anyone, wait for me to come home to accept the right people. haha

That is rather interesting about Kiki. What did she like, graduate with? Why is she going to Washington D.C.? What is she wanting to do?

And Richie on a mission?!? weird!!! 
Well, I thought of what you all can send in the next package!!! Some jelly!!! Smuckers jelly!!! I am dying for some jelly!

This will be dad’s last Ward conference as Bishop?  Really, I thought dad would still be Bishop when I get home. hmmm, weird! It is weird how much time has passed since he first got put in the Bishopric.

I love you all!!!

Keep my horn clean!!!!

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