Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30, 2011
Well, today we are little pressed for computer time because we have no money, so... I have to use a little less time on the internet.

Well, I am slowly getting over my cold.

Yesterday we had a baptism. I do not know much about her because we were not the first to teach her. Really we just baptized her. But we went to her house to get her yesterday morning and she said she wasn’t going to go because she wanted her mom to watch. Well, we talked with her mother and she said she would bring her mom to church later. It was Stake Conference so it started at 10 and ended at noon. Well, I sat in the very back so I could see all the doors. Well, anytime the door opened I would look and wait for her and her mom to enter. After two hours, nothing... The conference ended and we had basically cancelled the baptism when a member comes running up telling us her and her mom are sitting in the hall waiting for us. So we quickly set up a baptism. The font had no water so we filled it up best we could... made baptizing a little different but hey, I worked it out. But she was baptized!!!

Yesterday we finished the baptism and the Bishop quickly rushes everyone out of the room except for some people and he sits Dante in a chair and calls his first counselor and me over and we ordained Dante to the office of Elder!!! So that was awesome!!!! haha A lot happened yesterday!!!

And I totally didn’t mention how crazy Richie’s mission call is!!!!! I was so blown away and thought about it so much that I didn’t even mention how cool that is!!!! I can’t stop thinking about Go Go’s (the Mongolian Grill)!!!! haha

And my package... I can’t think of much else for you to send... oh oh oh!!!! An English version of the conference edition!!!!! But really.... I am just excited for a package!!!!!

I love you all so much and wish you a great week!!!!!

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