Thursday, May 19, 2011

May 16, 2011

This past week, our numbers went up. We did far better. Not what we wanted yet better. We’ll see what happens this coming weekend with transfers. Rumor has it this next transfer is 7 weeks because of the new Mission President coming. But we shall see. I kind of want to stay just because I hate moving. Yet I am starting to get a little tired of the area. So I am not really sure what I want. Everyone gets a little antsy during the last week. I don’t actually think about transfers until the day it happens.

We had interviews with President Batt this past Friday. That went well. It will most likely be my last interview with him. So that was a weird thought.

Let’s see, you want longer letters. hmmm.... so I have some strange stories I haven’t told you yet, all which I guess I could tell. haha you may not want to put it on the blog but hey!!!!

So this one day we were walking down this field and this really big road.  This guy comes sprinting across this road and into the little foresty field thingy. Needless to say we thought it was really weird. So as we are walking we are kind of looking back to see what was happening. When I looked back I say something I never wanted to see!!! So I told my companion, “hey, don’t look back” which is probably the worst thing to tell anyone... because what did he do? He looked back. The man had decided that he could not wait to use a restroom so he saw the little field and told himself that it was a natural restroom. My guess is he never thought every car or every person walking by could see him. It was a rather weird start to our morning. haha.
Well, let’s see. I have been writing in my journal everyday. So mom, that means you better get started.

I wrote Kendra a letter so I just need to send it now. haha

I hope everyone is doing well!!! I hope this was also a much better email. If not just speak up and I will try better next week. Love you All!!!!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you,  I was at a member’s house and they had some old records so I was looking through them and found a Glenn Miller record! So I bought it for 3 bucks. haha. Love you all!!!!

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