Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just a note, (Elder Wahl's father talking here) like so many missionaries Jordan wonders if he has done any good as a missionary, the following has been a series of emails on facebook between Becca and a young man that Jordan baptized and has been working with for several months now. You tell me if he has done any good as a missionary?

April 26, 2011

Hi, I'm Elder Wahl's mom from here in the United States. I hear that you have been recently baptized. That's wonderful..Just wanted to see how things are in Brazil.

April 27, 2011

Hello .. is a pleasure speaking with you.

I was baptized recently ... Elder and Wahl was the missionary who taught me. We find ourselves almost every day. We became great friends.

I want to congratulate for your child you have. Elder Wahl is a great person. A great servant of God. Congratulations.
Today he is fine ... a short time ago he got a little sick. A slimmed slimmed down a bit. But today he is very good. You can stay quiet. I'll take good care of him. Hehe

Maybe on 22 May he be transferred to my ward. I'm a little sad. But happy ... for him to go help other people as he helped me.

He talks a lot about you ... Logan, Mr. Michael and your adventures with the ducks. Hehe

I hope all is well with you. I know that nostalgia is great. But what he is doing for our Heavenly Father is immeasurable.

A hug.
- Dante.

May 2, 2011

Hello Mrs Becca, how is it going?!

Elder Wahl came over for dinner today in my home. We talk a lot about the death of Osama Bin Laden. hehe

Just wanted to say that everything is fine with him. I know you must be very worried. I wonder how difficult it must be for you all to stay away from him. But I can assure you that all is well. Do not worry.

I hope all is well with you too.  Hug


May 13, 2011

Dante: I just wanted to say THANK YOU for allowing Elder Wahl to use your computer to call home on Mother's Day. It was so good to see him and talk to him. It was also good to see you.

Elder Wahl is so happy for you and your baptism into the Church. Is it true that you already have a church calling? If you do, that's great. It is a good opportunity to see and learn how some of the programs work in the Church. Being a member of this Church will bring you great opportunities and blessings into your life.

So you are taking accounting classes at the University? I have worked in accounting for the last 20 years. I don't have any university classes, I have just learned about accounting from working at the same company all these years. I really do enjoy working in accounting, hard, hehe

Elder Wahl says that it's very hot there almost everyday. Here in Oregon, we have alot of rain and cold from October to April. Today it was finally about 70 degrees so that was nice. Logan played a baseball game today, so it was nice to sit and enjoy watching his team, but his team lost really badly. Oh well...

Anyway, I just wanted to say "Obrigado" (I hope that's right)...

Let us know how you are doing and if you have any questions about anything, just let us know.

Love, The Wahls

May 29, 2011

I am so happy to hear that Elder Wahl is staying in your area. I hope he is a good example to you. We are sending a box to Elder Wahl real soon. Make sure he shares his candy with you. Take Care!


May 29, 2011

I'm very happy! Very happy indeed! And do not worry: your child is already a great example to me! I love Elder Wahl! I hope I never lose touch with him.

I never tire of saying: Congratulations for son that you have! Elder Wahl is a portator worthy of the priesthood of God!

Friday, May 27, he came to dinner here at my house. We talked a lot! And we eat lots of popcorn and cake! Hehe

He'll be happy with the box! And I ask him some candy, for sure! Hehe

I hope all is well with you! I have great respect and admiration for your family!

June 5, 2011

Hello Mrs Becca, how are you?!
Today I had lunch with Elder Wahl in the house of the Bishop of my ward! It was really cool. Elder Wahl is fine. Today, Sunday, we had another baptism. Was baptized a little girl of 10 years! I think I still have not told you, but now I am serving as the primary's teacher. It has been very good for strengthen my faith in the gospel as a teacher. Working with children is very good!

I was talking to Elder Wahl... maybe when I finished the mission I go visit you! Wow! It would be really cool! HeheIt's amazing how God transforms our lives! I baptized only three months behind and so much has happened! Elder Wahl followed throughout my growth within the church. He follows me from the beginning. It does not really know what I'll do when he is transferred to my ward. I'll be very sad! He to me is a great example! For all the trials that he has spent here in the mission. I always say to him: "Elder Wahl, want to be a missionary like you. "
I hope all is well with you all!Dante.

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