Monday, June 20, 2011

              Elder Wahl with Dante (young man he taught and Baptized)

June 20, 2011

Well, this past week wasn’t too bad.  We actually had an excellent week for numbers.  The only problem is, I am having problems with my companion who seems to have changed his desires to be here. So, I am sorry this week looks as though it will be a little small. I had to write a little more to President Batt than normal.

Let’s see. This past week we found and taught this man that can’t stop talking. It will take for ever to teach him because you teach him something then he talks about it for another 20 minutes. haha. He will be difficult to teach. 

We had a division this past week with our LZ. One is actually slightly crazy. Like no joke. haha. So that was weird. But I was with his companion so it wasn’t as bad. 

It is weird to think that from today President Batt will be gone in eight days… Something kind of weird to think about, and missionaries think they are “trunky”. Imagine him after three years!!! Haha

I think I may be losing one of my pairs of shoes here in the next few months. My ECCOs got a hole in the heel that lets water enter the sole. Into the shoe no, but into the sole so it gets wet then dries, gets wet, then dries. So it will probably fall apart soon. Good thing I have 2 other pairs of shoes. You should also look to see if ECCO would replace the shoes. I heard that if you send them a picture they would. 

We have been making a lot of good food. Well, tasty, don’t know if it is good. I sure enjoy it. Haha
I had a dream last night about red vines because we talked about them at lunch. So I had a dream I was in the store buying red vines and twizzlers. Haha. It was one of the best dreams I have ever had. haha. I also had a dream that I was driving a really awesome new boat you all bought..........

I sent a letter home for Monica. So when it arrives make sure she gets it. 

So how was Grandma’s trip to visit Uncle Mark and Tara? 

Hey, so I am going to ask a big question. Are we all gonna move when dad gets released??? Like all the other Bishops???

And. Happy Father’s Day!!!!!!!!! I won’t lie, I forgot. haha. Kinda forget the American Holidays. 

I love you all!!! Until next week!!!! 

And hopefully by the weekend you can all have a surprise!!!

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