Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 30, 2010

This past week has been a really rough one. Our numbers were horrible, our work wasn’t the greatest. But we have had a lot of issues come up that hindered our work. So hopefully this next week will be better!

However, because you all complained from over 9,000 something miles away about my writing, I have a story for you today.

We were at church one day last week, I think it was Sunday. A family came in off the street because they were looking for a church and the husband/son said that they felt something telling him to enter our building, so they did. Elder Deffense and I were down the hall waiting for the Bishop when this sister came running to us telling us to “get over to the entrance because a baptism just walked through the door”. We followed her to this family and gave them a tour, and told them when church was. They were like, oh, oh, well, we can’t go to church in the mornings, bye. So we stopped them and planned to visit them that following Tuesday. So Tuesday comes and we have their address, but we looked and looked and couldn’t find the street. We asked everyone we knew if they knew this street but nobody knew of it. So, it was a lost cause until Friday night when I was sitting at my desk and mentioned this family again to Elder Deffense. He said there was nothing we could do, the address didn’t exist. But I told him the family does exist and I would find them. So I went to bed saying the address over and over again in my head. I woke up the next morning and started doing my normal stuff and then sat down to start my personal study. I got half way through a chapter when I remembered the family and promised myself they existed and that I would find them. So I got all the maps I could find and just started going through street names and map after map. And then there it was, it was the street that didn’t exist. The address of the family was two or three areas away from us, so it would be about a 40-50 minute walk, so I ran into the room where Elder Deffense was and was yelling at him that “I found them, I found them”. He was confused because I didn’t specify who I had actually found, but as soon as I said it was the family he called the missionaries there and the missionaries went to their home that day, and they were going to go to church the following day. They said “no” to us because they thought they would have to walk to our church every Sunday and for them that would mean leaving home at 6 every Sunday to get to our 9 o’clock meeting. But the building in the other area is way close to them. They thought that we forgot about them so the other Elders had to explain the issue that we had had so, last we knew, they are planning on getting baptized this next Saturday.

So that is my story for you!

I had something that I had thought about to ask, but.... I have forgotten... like normal... haha so if I remember, I’ll have to ask you next week!!

Have a great week!!! Miss you all!!! Love ya!!!

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