Monday, September 20, 2010

This past week had nothing big happen, because we had a division and it was just somewhat of a different week.

However, this week was transfers. Elder Deffense left and I stayed here; however, we got off to a fantastic start when Elder Deffense took our phone!!!  So we are without a phone!!! I am now with Elder Way, another American, and he is District Leader!!!!haha.  Elder Way told me this transfer is going to be my growing transfer…so we will see what that actually means.  Haha.  I get to be the “senior” for a week because I know the area, so I am hoping I do well.  My Portuguese will for sure improve this week as I play “senior” for a little while.

We are hoping to have a really good transfer. We have a lot set up to do, people to teach and plans. It is so weird to spend six weeks with someone and then just one day, bye.  Then you spend six weeks with another. haha just very strange. Hey!!! I hit my six months this past Saturday!!!

My knees are fine and what not, just a little weak, so I can’t do much sports wise, but that’s fine. I carry that brace you sent me just in case I hurt it while we’re out walking.

I understand the foreign missionaries coming into Brazil are starting to back up again, so I’m really hoping Brenna and Spencer get their visas.   Rumor has it they will be some of the last to enter. It has been said that they are done trying to get Americans in. So they lowered the mission age here to 18 starting this next year, and then they will be only natives. So that will be interesting to see if that really is true.  You know how something gets said and then things get started and then just snowball, so I’m not for sure if it’s true or only rumor.

I am super excited to see where everyone is getting their calls to!!!   Please let me know.

Tell everyone at work hi for me!!!!

Well, sorry this isn’t much of an email. I promise it will be better next week!!! I love you all and miss you all so much!!!

Hey do you know if Grandma and Grandpa ever got the letter I sent them? I am a little worried some letters I sent never made it. Anyhow Bye!!

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