Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well, I don’t have much to report this week because Elder Deffense and I have been dealing with some rather large... issues. We still don’t have any baptisms in this new area, but it has been really rough. So, we are really hoping that with our two weeks left we will reach our goal.  I will send you a letter about all that is going on because it might get blocked by the church if I send it through an email. I am closing in on 6 months which is really neat!! 

I absolutely have fallen in love with President Batt this past transfer. He’s always been "cool" and really "neat", but I have never had much interaction with him; however, this past transfer I have really been able to get to know him better.

Oh, I did something to my other knee this past week. haha. It’s been swollen and tight for the last few days and rather weak. But!!! Fortunately I had the fantastic timing of fast Sunday!!! So I fasted for my knees!!! Haha sounds a little funny, but I really would rather be able to return from my mission and be able to do activities I enjoy. So my knees are a rather big concern of mine.

I have a feeling I may end up in the interior in a few transfers... which means letters, well, I only get them once a transfer. And I am there, most likely, for 6 months, so about three transfers. So just a heads up!!!

I am looking forward to a letter from Logan!!!

I really am sorry I don’t have much for you this week, but it has been filled with many problems.

Well, I miss you all and hope all is well!!! Love you all so much!!!! Até o proxímo semana!!!

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