Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Not much new is happening.  I am excited for General Conference that is coming up. We had like a zone gathering of missionaries today and our District Leader ended up at our house for lunch.  Actually, he ended up cleaning our entire house which was nice.  However, we were planning on cleaning it up over the next week. It has been fairly dirty since we arrived... due to the fact there was an explosion in our house. But now it is all swept up.

We had a baptism yesterday. It’s the first baptism since our transfer and assignment to these two areas.  It was a baptism worth 100 baptisms. This woman, when she was 7 years old was attacked or something. She ended up being stabbed in the back several times.  I believe then the person tried to kill her by cutting her throat. As if stabbing her multiple times weren’t enough. She has use of her head and right arm, but that is really about it. So she has lived her life in a bed. She has been in a bed since she was 7. But, this past year she became bitter and saw no point to life and wished to end it. One day, for some reason, she prayed that God or an angel would come visit her. That same day, a man that she knew, really, they were not friends, they simply knew of each other, felt prompted to ask her son or brother if he could visit her. He told him he could try, but that she hadn’t been accepting visits for almost a year. So he decided to visit her anyway. It was the same day as her prayer. When he arrived she could sense a change or something different about him. When she asked him about it, he explained to her the gospel that he had found and how he was baptized three months earlier. So he began sharing the gospel with her and he took her to church and everything. Then he contacted us and asked us to stop by. So we did. At the end of our first visit we invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know what we have said is true. And she was like, I already do. So, all of our visits were basically easy because she accepted everything right away. So we baptized her yesterday. Elder Deffense held her in the water and her friend did the baptizing. We had many people from the ward there. It was a perfect baptism! She has also said that she is already planning a trip to the temple one year from now.

This Saturday I will be at 6 months which is very weird. We are almost done with this transfer so I may once again stay or go. Part of me wants to stay because I don’t want to have to move again, but part of me wants to head off somewhere new. Unfortunately I am not really sure my baptism goal is achievable due to this transfer, but I have a year and a half left to get to it, so we shall see!!!

Well, I don’t have much more for you this week.  I may not get to email next week depending on if I move.  Like I said, I feel I am getting closer to heading to the interior, which is a 10 hour bus ride on a really nice bus. But I love you all and miss you all so much!!! Until next week!!!

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