Saturday, October 9, 2010

Well, conference was, well, conference. It is done the same here as it is there just the voices are all changed due to the translation. They run it all live so we watched from 1-3 then 5-7. But we had three companionships at our building for conference, 4 Americans and 2 Brazilians.  We got the key to the Family History Center and watched it live over the internet in English. The only thing we did not watch live was Priesthood because it started at like 9 p.m..., which is when we have to get home so we just watched it the following morning for study time. So, it was the 4 Americans in an air conditioned room so it was very, very nice.

It is interesting how people notice different things in conference. Like we all noticed that it was full of warnings, enough so that we thought something big was going to happen. And President Monson was acting a little funny. He is starting to look very tired which is too bad. But we noticed the few political directed statements. Especially with the whole Prop 8 thing. Which, by the way, dad, I do like how nothing political has ever been mentioned by you........ haha. But we get our fill in from plenty of other people.

Elder Way and I are getting along fine!!! Which, by the way, I need to know the exact time I was born... because we have the exact birthday. So we need to know who is actually older! haha.

We actually have our first baptism of the transfer tonight..... Yes, kind of weird on a Monday night, but it needs to be done. So... we are going to.

So, remember those problems we were having that I’ve mentioned in my earlier letters. Well, they were one of the reasons for Elder Deffense going to another area. But they are now hitting me. Elder Deffense and I made some choices, choices to follow the rules, which resulted in the punishment of some missionaries, and even the sending of some missionaries to other missions. All coming from, and starting at a family in one of our two wards. So, half the ward hates us and the other half doesn’t. When this family found out what we had done, they began to spread rumors about how we were forcing them to do things and what not. I get verbally abused every time I am around this member who is the cause of all these problems. I am called names, I am lied about, I am spoken of behind my back, and I am even hated. Every level of leadership knows of the problems. But last night, well over the last two days after conference sessions, when this member was around, I tried to speak with them to simply be nice and this is when the ridicule began.  So, I simply called President that night and explained to him that the area in fact was still causing problems, and he reassured me that I am to take the insults as a compliment because I do not break rules like this member would like. He told me that this is happening because there is someone in this ward that I am to find and Satan is working overtime here because he doesn’t want this person to be found.

So, we, or at least I am going to work twice as hard, because it was made a promise to me that there is someone powerful that I am to find.

So basically, that is the week. Numbers were weak due to conference and the elections they had here on Sunday. But it will be a good week ahead.

Thank you for taking care of my trombone!!!! One thing I am really, really looking forward to is being able to play again!!!! We listen to many instrumental pieces here so it has me wanting to play!!!

I love you all!!! Have a good week!!!

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