Monday, October 11, 2010

With the information we got, its official, I am 50 minutes older than Elder Way!!! Ha-ha

Well, let’s see what’s new. I have been battling a cold for the last few days. The other day we had the zone leaders over to do a baptismal interview for us and we had just gotten back from lunch, and let’s just say it is very different to have a cold in the heat.... but basically we walked into our house and I just fell on the bed and fell asleep, where I stayed while Elder Way and Elder Slagle went to the interview. So needless to say, I am down to my last musinex (sp) pill tonight... so yep.

We had two baptisms this week. One of which was amazing!!! Her name is Isadora. She is one of the smartest people I have ever met here. She has very little time so every piece of her life is planned out. And she studies everything out. So she has been studying about the church for about one or two months.  She finally decided to be baptized this past week!!! Her friend who had been helping us did the baptizing. It was fantastic. I also baptized a girl yesterday, so that was fun trying to speak while being sick.

I have yet to use any pass along cards! Ha-ha.  We use them as book marks for the people during lessons. Problem is, here so many things are handed out that it would be thrown away in an instant.  For example, when you stop at a light, people run down the street and shove ads for the local store through the window. So, I think it might just be considered another piece of paper!

That is exciting news about Cameron!!!  I’m glad to hear that he is also headed to a warm place.  As far as Brenna and Spencer go, I was assuming they were going to be starting at Provo... Most everyone is now... which is rather sad, but it has created a surge of Brazilians to go out right now. Who is next to get a call that I know about?

Thank you for taking care of my trombone!!! I definitely want to use it again!!!

Did I mention that in my area there is a marching band?!?!? They are very, very small but they have like a full drum line and more trombones than any other instrument. They even have a color guard! So that is a rather neat thing to hear them all out practicing! Oh!!! And they have uniforms and everything. I’ve never been able to catch a performance or anything. They remind me of Skyview and their uniforms.

Duck hunting!!!!! I want to go duck hunting and fishing!!! And Logan actually can go??? He doesn’t have band???

So basically, Elder Way, and I think the zone leaders as well, are convinced that I am going to go senior next transfer. So basically that is a huge, huge, huge step. One that, to be honest, is at this point not very enticing... but you do what you have to.

Well, I love you all and can’t wait till next week!!! Love ya!

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