Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well, yesterday was a day of firsts for me. In all of my other areas we did everything based off of references. This new area is without a single reference. So yesterday I knocked on doors for the first real time in my mission, and I counted. We did 109 doors. I don’t know if that is like a ton or very few because I have never done it before. But hey!
I am currently in Nova Aldeota; however, transfers are this weekend and we will see what happens! I could go anywhere, or stay here for a very long time. This could be a weird one because, sometimes you get a feeling, but since everything has been so weird, we have no idea!!!
Well, I think my companion has been out just one more transfer than I have. I think it is actually only a month. He is the stiffest Brazilian I have met yet, which is good, but sometimes he takes it a little too far, so it is like “just calm down”. For example, our area is hard, people here really do not want us, and there are some defined reasons as to why. But he seems to take the area not baptizing to be his fault. But he just needs to relax a bit, and I think he would do much better. But we shall see!
I have not received your package yet.  I probably won’t get it for a month and a half to two months. Sometimes it is quicker but really there is no rhyme or reason to the timing of mail here. Basically it gets here when someone feels like it.
I just saw the computer design for the new Rome Temple!!! That is so cool!! That means our Fortaleza temple is right around the corner!!!
 The other day I was really missing band! I was feeling like I wanted to compete again so bad!!!

Well, this week I am down to 80 centavos... about 45-50 cents in the US. Our money that was supposed to fall in our accounts today... hasn’t fallen... so, until it does I don’t have money!!! haha it is pretty funny!!!

I am still getting over my cold, but I will get there. I wish I could go duck hunting!!!

Logan better write me... I am closing on my 8 months and have only one letter from him... That is a little disappointing! Logan needs to write me more. You need to write me more Logan!!! Don’t think I still can’t get people to force you to write me from 10000 miles away!!!!
By the way, I am reading some books right now that are really opening my mind to a lot of things I have never thought of before, which I find rather exciting!!!

I love you all so much!! Bye!!! Until next week!!!

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