Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18, 2010

Well, this week has been a fantastic week of thrills but no teaching. I was involved in an emergency transfer because 4 Americans that have been in “the field” in the US for about 5 months got their visas and they sent them here. So with two weeks in the transfer left, I and my new companion got sent to almost the biggest area in our mission, to re-open it. We only got to teach a total of 3 lessons this past week. So basically it has been very stressful. Because of everything I have been living on about 5 US dollars or 10 Reais. And today I had to borrow money from my companion. I blow through money a lot now because Elder Roza, my new companion, is the reference secretary which means we take a bus ride into the office everyday, where I get to do secretary work and what not. Some days I use up to 8 Reais just on busses.

Well I am at the point where I just need a little more language, and I am off and running. I see my dad everyday and he says when I speak I don’t sound like an American and that I have already ridded myself of the accent. “Dad” is the term used for your trainer. Elder Lima, my trainer, is my “dad”, and he is now the financial secretary so I get to see him everyday at the office! He says I am almost perfect, but that is definitely not true. But I am doing fine. And, it does help to now be with a native.

OH OH OH!!!! Do you know what today is??? 7 months, I am now starting to be considered old!!!

Health wise, I am about as worn out as I can be. I am sick and I’ve had a cold for over a week and a half, and the whole stress of the new area is kind of a killer. I am out of musinex, but at this point by the time you could send it and by the time it arrived, it would be like here, your Christmas gift is medicine!!! I can survive without it for a while.

I wish the best of luck to Spencer and Brenna and I really hope they get their visas!!!!!! 2 of the missionaries that just arrived have spent about 3-4 months in Nebraska...... haha.

I heard about BYU’s football team... It is a downright shame!!! I guess it is a good thing I am not there!!!

What I would give to shoot a gun!!! Man... I can’t wait to duck hunt again!!!! man!!!

Well, everything here just keeps going! I hope everything goes well for all of you this week!!! Love you all!!! Até próximo vez!

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