Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, my first week of senior wasn’t too bad. Our numbers were pretty low so I am hoping this week will go over a little better.  I picked up a fantastic cold this past week so we haven’t really worked the last two days. But in the words of Sister Batt... what better time of the year to be sick than during Carnival!!! haha We did have a baptism this past Friday night. His name is Dante. He is 19 years old and I think he is planning on going on a mission. His friend baptized him. I sent pictures. A lot of pictures actually!!! It worked this week!!!
As you know, right now is Carnival so you kind of just hold your breath and hope your investigators don’t go too wild. I haven’t seen anything totally wild yet, but there is still time for something to happen!!! haha.
Well, just to let you know. This past week my thumb drive picked up a virus so I think I lost like all of my photos.  It’s kind of a bummer but whatever.
We are getting excited for conference. I hope I get to watch it in English. And I hope I get the chance to watch the Priesthood session! Usually we don’t get a chance to see it just because of timing.

Well, I can’t remember the address of the mission office right now, but I can bring it next week.  I don’t think I need a converter for the battery charger. Everything here runs on 220v. I have yet to actually see a missionary use a converter.

Well, letters have slowed down a lot. But that is normal at one year!
So is Logan’s leg doing better??? Good enough to play ball?

Well, my time is about up. I love you all!!! Pray that I can be strengthed physically and spiritually!!! Until next week!!!

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