Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So, I will hit a year this Thursday or Friday. Depends on how you look at it. This week is much, much better than last week. Our numbers are far better. We had another baptism yesterday.  Here, we are taught that our purpose is to baptize, baptize and baptize some more. haha Which is what we do. We were hoping for a really good transfer but until now it is looking like it will be weak. We’ve got to find some new people. Like a lot of new people to teach.

So is it to late to get things in the box? Because my LZ. Elder Bills (we both came together) he wants a mountain dew... haha.  If it is too late it is no biggy!!!

So this thing in Japan…. I have pieced it all together with help from members and stuff haha. No one here really seems to care... it is really sad. And unfortunately that bothers me. I commented to my companion that this will affect everything in the world. And I mentioned to think about what might happen to the economy. And he said well when stuff like this happens, Brasil does better. He didn’t even care, just that fact that Brasil may have a slightly stronger economy.

The world is in a very bad spot. One disaster after another, Brasil, New Zealand and now Japan. If those locations aren’t divers enough for you, I don’t know what is!!!!

Dad asked: 
How are you feeling this week? I hope you are feeling better. (I am feeling better.)
Have you been drinking plenty of fluids (water)? (I have been drinking less than last transfer.)
Do you filter it? Can you buy bottled water? Does it cost much?( We buy those like 20 liter barrels.)
Do you get enough to eat? (We get enough to eat.)
Do you buy your own food? (We do buy a bit of our own food.)
Do you eat a lot of beans and rice? Beans and rice are good for you. If you eat and drink enough you should be able to be a little healthier. (Yes, rice and beans)
How is senior companion been going? (Senior has been ok. Each week gets better and better.)
Do you follow all the rules? (Yes I follow the rules, but always could do better.)
Are you doing your best to work as much as you can? (Always can work more.)
Are you teaching your new companion the way to work? (Trying.)
Have you tried any of your ideas yet? (A few and they are kind of working.)
Have you done any door to door tracting  (door knocking)? (We don’t really knock on doors here that much. Everything is generally references. But we will today.)
Do you continue to work on your Portugese?  Never stop learning and trying to improve. (Yes, not like I should though.)
Well, I love you all and wish you all another great week!!!!

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