Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 28, 2011
Well, last week I was in the hospital Monday afternoon until Friday afternoon.  I am doing much better now; however, we didn’t work for two weeks…..I am getting pretty worn out of being sick.  I am not entirely sure if I can do another round with another ridiculous Brazilian virus.  I have one more year to go and I think I may have a chance to set a mission record for time in the hospital.  I started eating breakfast and dinner.  I am eating more now than I ever have before.  Haha
Well, I received the Book of Mormons you sent and only had to correct some of the Português.  It was almost 100 percent correct, just some small things needed to be fixed.  I still have them.  I am waiting to find someone I think is right for the books.  So I am just carrying them around until I find the right people.  Haha
I was thinking about Logan and baseball!!!  Man, I really want to watch him play.  I am hoping I get a chance to when I get home!!!
I haven’t gotten the package you sent with Nick, yet.  I am hoping to get it tomorrow.
What were the changes that were made in the ward?
Well, I have started to study the Atonement.  So far it has been really fun.  I decided that simply reading about it won’t really help.  So, I first made a plan on what I want to learn, questions, what I am going to study, how.  I just made a rather large plan on how and what I am going to study.  I am looking forward to learning a lot more about it.  I have been downloading talks from conferences and listening to them.  That is where I got the idea, from a talk by Elder Richard G Scott in April 2010.  It is something I am really enjoying.
Well, that is about all I have for today!  Because well, with two weeks of nothing….haha
I love you all!!!  Have a great week!!!

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